Get Happy!! (2LP)


Ships on: June 19, 2024

Released in 1979, Get Happy!!, his 4th album in less than 4 years, is one of his most acclaimed featuring songs influenced by the 2-Tone scene and his love of soul music.


A1. Love For Tender 01:58
A2. Opportunity 03:10
A3. The Imposter 01:56
A4. Secondary Modern 01:58
A5. King Horse 03:01
B1. Possession 02:03
B2. Men Called Uncle 02:17
B3. Clowntime Is Over 02:58
B4. New Amsterdam 02:10
B5. High Fidelity 02:26

A1. I Can’t Stand Up For Falling Down 02:06
A2. Black And White World 01:54
A3. Five Gears In Reverse 02:38
A4. B-Movie 02:04
A5. Motel Matches 02:30
B1. Human Touch 02:28
B2. Beaten To The Punch 01:47
B3. Temptation 02:32
B4. I Stand Accused 02:19
B5. Riot Act 03:35